About Lovestat

LoveStat is a unique online dating website for an amazing community of people, including:
healthcare professionals, those working in the healthcare industry or related services, or
anyone working in a field that aims to improve the lives of others.

Our Mission

Our heart’s desire is that your LoveStat journey is a fun and rewarding dating
experience that will lead you to a meaningful and lasting relationship.

The Founders

LoveStat’s founders, Christi and Jon met while both worked at a teaching hospital, where Christi was a staff nurse in the NICU, and Jon was in his residency. The rest, as they say is history. Jon and Christi have been married for 27 years, and have 3 amazing sons that they are very proud of.

Jon and Christi are firm believers that relationships between healthcare professionals work, and work well! They believe that people in these types of relationships better understand the unique challenges their partners face.

Christi now works full time at LoveStat, and Jon, when not helping out at LoveStat, works full time as an Emergency Medicine physician.

During their free time, they enjoy volunteering, riding their bikes, exercising, or if really, really lucky, fly fishing in the mountains or among the breathtaking azure waters of the Caribbean.

General Manager: Susan L., BS, RDH

Susan is a hopeless romantic, loves to hoard healthy recipes, hiking, nature and lazy afternoons at the lake. She married the man of her dreams. Together they have two wonderful children and are still raising their two ridiculously cute and spoiled Shih-Tzus.

Our Love Expert: The Luv Doc

He's not an actual doctor, but he knows a thing or two about love and relationships. The Luv Doc is LoveStat's resident love expert. He gives advice on everything from work relationships to first date disasters. Along with the LoveStat blog, you can also catch him giving advice in his own column in the Austin Chronicle or on his Twitter account.

Our App

We are happy to announce our new app, available now in the app store! In addition to our Basic Love Support offered by both our website and app, our LoveStat app also offers many Advanced Love Support features to help you resuscitate your love life!

With Advanced Love Support you can:

  • Multimedia chat
  • See who’s read your messages
  • Start a SIG (Special Interest Group), and chat with others with similar interests
  • Sort your prospects
  • Send gifts
  • Send an invitation to someone you would like to meet
  • Use Social Media Integration
  • Have access to comprehensive filter searches, and more!

Visit the app store and check it out!

A Note from Christi

LoveStat was born for you, my fellow healthcare professional. I hold you in the highest esteem, because you are fighting the good fight, putting in long hours day upon day, because you have a compassionate heart for others. Who better to meet, than those like you who understand how both grueling and rewarding your work days can be, how when you leave work, you always leave a little piece of yourself behind, and why even after a really bad day, you get up, put a smile on your face and go do it all over again.
Read the full story on our Blog!

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